How to turn on Auto-Renew

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To make sure your products renew and you don’t accidentally lose any important files, you can set them up to auto-renew on their expiration dates.

 Note: If you’ve purchased your product through a mobile app store like the Apple App Store or Google Play, you’ll need to use that mobile app store to make changes to your subscription.

  1. Go to your Adaptive Web Hosting Renewals & Billing page. You might be prompted to log in.
  2. Select the product or products you want to auto-renew.
    • To check the price before you turn auto-renew on, select Add to Cart. We’ll show you the price for your products in the Shopping Cart, but we won’t complete that purchase here unless you say so. To continue with turning on auto-renew, select your browser’s Back button.
  3. Select Auto-Renew On. In the Billing Date list, the auto-renewal date appears next to the product name.

Related steps

  • This is a great time to change the payment method for products that auto-renew.
  • Many products auto-renew by default. Here’s how to turn off auto-renew.

More info

  • You can delete payment methods from your account if you’re not using that payment method for any products.
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