Connect to my Linux Hosting account with SSH (Secure Shell)

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After you enable SSH (Secure Shell) protocol for your Linux Hosting account, you can connect via SSH using a client. We recommend using PuTTy (Windows), Terminal (Mac), or OpenSSH (Linux).

To connect via SSH, you need this information:

  • The IP address for your website, or its domain name.
  • Your FTP username (same as your cPanel login name).
  • Your FTP password. If you can’t remember it here’s how to reset that password.

Got all that info? Let’s get started!

  1. Launch the SSH client.
  2. Enter the following information:
    Host: Your domain name or IP address Username: Your FTP username Password: Your FTP password Port:22
  3. After entering the necessary information in the SSH client, you’ll be able to establish a connection to your hosting account.

 Note: The SSH client you use will determine the exact steps for connecting to your shared hosting account.

 Note: We provide information about how to use certain third-party products, we do not endorse or directly support third-party products and we are not responsible for their functions or the reliability of such products. Third-party marks and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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