Linux cPanel Ultimate Hosting Plan

$16.99$15.30 / per month

Great Support!

Adaptive Hosting provides the best customer support of any product or service I have ever used. I had some issues with my WordPress site I developed for a client and Adaptive figured out the problems and had my site up and running in no time!
John Willows
Partner, Willows Group

Very Impressed!

I am now spreading the word about Adaptive Web Hosting.  Three of my business partners have switched over to you in the past two weeks. I don’t want anything for it, just continue your great work. I’m very impressed!
Ben H
Web Designer


Thanks!!!!! Great instructions were provided. I built a very basic web page using Visual Studio express, therefore .NET framework 4.5 and it worked on the first try. Awesome. I then logged into my SQL Server database successfully using the SQL Server Management Studio and saw my database just waiting for tables to be built and populated.
Jeff P
Cooper Hill, VA

Compliments to Support

I would like to compliment your technical support department. We’ve received excellent and timely answers to our questions and resolutions to any issues that we’ve submitted.  I would recommend your hosting services to others and will likely host additional accounts with Adaptive Web Hosting.
Brian C
Boston, MA

Ultra-Fast Support!

I must give the guys/gals at Adaptive props for responding to my problem quickly and providing a work-around to my problem. I wasn’t expecting a response until the next business day, much less within an hour.
Henry M
Orlando, FL

Very Helpful!

You guys saved me from having to do a lot of explaining and a lot of problems. I learned a valuable lesson about databases. I am self-learning a lot of database programming, and your company has been very helpful.
Sachin H
Paris, France